The Differences Between Green, White, and Red Dampar

The Differences Between Green, White, and Red Dampar

It is 2018 and time to get back to the hustle! If you’re a go-getter you may have already written out your goals, set up your plans, and are ready to get to work. For others, letting go of the holiday break may be tough but that doesn’t mean you’re behind!


We can help you stay calm and focused so you can perform at your best and feel great doing it. Our Dampar strains can help you set off 2018 in the right direction. Dampar Kratom is native to Indonesia and is commonly used to create a relaxing feeling, but the different colored strains enrich different effects.


Red Kratom strains tend to be more euphoric producing strains, and Red Dampar will enhance a relaxing euphoria. It is most similar to the Dark Brown Bantuagie strain, which is euphoric with hints of relaxation and clear-minded energy. In short, Red Dampar is mood uplifting and relaxing.


White Kratom Strains provide relaxation, but also clear minded energy for some users. Thus, White Dampar is a relaxing and euphoric white strain. It is similar to the Red Dampar in euphoria but more relaxing like many white strains.


Green Kratom Strains generally provide a clear head and energy for some. For others, Green strains are more relaxing. Green Dampar provides a strong focused energy, perfect for getting some work done. Green Dampar is also a bit euphoric but is said not to be as mood uplifting as the Red or White Dampar.


Whichever you prefer, all these options of Dampar Kratom strains will provide users with that special boost to achieve those New Year’s resolutions!

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