Top CBD Products for Stress, Mood and Sleep

The outbreak of COVID-19 can seem daunting and overwhelming as more information about its spread is released daily. With changes to routines and lifestyles, many are finding it difficult to stay calm, stay positive, and rest easy. Mental factors have a big influence on physical wellbeing. CBD Kratom wants to help you to put your self-care first and ease your stress with these four products to help you wake well, live well, and sleep well. 

Todd Adams CBD Teddies 

Stress is the body’s natural reaction to situations that may be frustrating, saddening, and overwhelming, but too much stress is bad for the body and can lead to tiredness, aches and pains, forgetfulness, trouble sleeping, weight gain or loss, and digestive problems. Long term, stress can have more detrimental effects. CBD helps to reduce stress by assisting the body with relieving the symptoms associated with stress. Edibles are perfect for on the go as well as in the home and their effects last longer than other methods. The perfect way to try CBD is the Todd Adams CBD Teddies. Each gummy has 20mg of CBD and is available in two delicious flavors. 

beeZbee CBD Terpene Tincture Gelato

The change in routine, being at home for social distancing, and the updates from the news and the internet can be a lot to handle at once and may affect your mood. Adding CBD to your daily regime is a great way to stay on top of not only your physical wellness but also your mental wellness! beeZbee Terpene Tinctures are infused with CBD and a special blend terpenes each formulated to help with relaxation as well as increase mood and energy. beeZbee CBD Terpene Tincture is available in six blends. For a perfect balance of energy, relaxation, stress relief, and mood increase, try the Gelato flavor. Take it directly or added it to any beverage. 

Todd Adams Vape Cartridges

The Todd Adams Vape Cartridges are perfect for anxiety relief on the go. Each cartridge contains 500mg of full-spectrum CBD and is available in six terpene blends – Curb, Power, Relief, Sense, Sleep, and Social. These Todd Adams cartridges have a powerful flavor and are good for boosting mood, reducing anxiety, and increasing relaxation. Use the Todd Adams CBD Cartridge with any 3-5 volt cartridge battery as needed throughout the day. 

At CBD Kratom, we want to help our customers as best we can as they adjust to new situations as COVID-19 continues to affect them. We believe that self-care at this time is more important than ever. Any order of $35 or more is eligible for free shipping and all online purchase will get a free 2 fl oz bottle of hand sanitizer. For more information or a complete list of products, visit our website at

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